The Darn Good Farm, Lowline Angus Beef Cattle, LaMancha and Nubian Dairy Goat Breeder, Washington State

Mishka: the Darn Good Puppy

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5 Weeks Old: At the Breeder's

8 Weeks Old: Coming Home and the First Days

Puppy Pool

9-10 Weeks Old

12 Weeks Old on Orcas Island

3 Months Old with Sarge and Jake

4 Months Old and Looking the Part

5 Months Old: Dress Me Up Puppy

6 Months Old: The New Bed

8 Months Old: Who's a German Shepherd?

7 Months Old: Snow

9-10 Months: Eye of the tiger... it's the will to survive...

11 Months: The New Bovine Playmate, Violet

May 2010 — The Birthday Shepherd is a Year Old!

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